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The gallery presents and represents international contemporary art. Founded in 2012 and managed by gallery owner Till Bräuning, it shows in its Hamburg exhibition space a regular program of contemporary art shows. The gallery focusses on the communication and placement of innovative and contemporary positions in visual arts. Catalogue publications accompany our exhibitions. The gallery space is located in the Kontorhaus Leder-Schüler, a historic office building, former home base of the Leder-Schüler-Werke, a traditional Hamburg based leather processing company. Our show rooms extend over 170 sqm on the 2nd floor.

The Leder Schüler Building

It was built in 1928 by Hamburg architect Fritz Hoeger, who is considered one of the leading representatives of the so-called Northern German Brick Expressionism. The building, with its dark brick facade and green lattice windows shows the a similar subtly expressionistic appearance as other Hoeger office buildings in Hamburg such as the famous Chile House. Today, the Leder-Schüler-Haus is a listed building. Thanks to its own character with the very distinctive surface structures and its simplicity of vertical and horizontal lines the Leder-Schüler-Haus is a wonderful setting for our contemporary art gallery.