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Marc Peschke

The Cubes - Liquidacion Total, , 2016,
/ 10


born 1970 in Offenbach am Main

1990-1996 Studies of art history and ethnology at the Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz
1996 Magister Artium in art history about the photographical work of Hans Bellmer
Since 1993 Collaboration at various german and international newspapers, magazines and online-media concentrated on photographical art, literature, popmusic and fine arts. Catalogue articles and own book publications.
1997 - 2002 Curator and Co-owner of the gallery "kunstadapter", Frankfurt am Main

2018 THE CUBES/Städtische Galerie Franck-Haus, Marktheidenfeld (E)
2016 LOVE/Atelier Schwab, Wertheim (G, curated by Sabine Dehnel)
2016 POUSSEZ - DRÜCKEN/Gesellschaft für BK, Trier (E)
2015 MASCHERA/Galerie Greulich, Frankfurt (E)
2015 FOTOGRAFIE/Städtische Galerie Wertingen (G)
2014 WILD/Alfred Erhard Stiftung, Berlin (G)
2013 AM ANFANG WAR DAS WORT ...?/Quadrart Dornbirn, Sammlung Erhard Witzel, Dornbirn, Austria (G)
2013 LA 1RE NUIT DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE/Bild.Sprachen, Gelsenkirchen (G)
2013 ADBUSTERS SITUATIONS/Galeria Hyperion Katowice, Poland (G)
2012 THE CUBES - LIQUIDACION TOTAL/Bräuning Contemporary, Hamburg (E, C)
2012 WILD/Moving Gallery, Omaha, USA (G)
2012 LABOR/Stiftung Opelvillen (Labor), Rüsselsheim (S)
2012 THE CUBES – LIQUIDACION TOTAL/Galerie Greulich, Frankfurt (S)
2012 LIQUIDACION TOTAL/Galerie BlotaBlota, Mainz (Exhibition together with Jan Schmelcher)
2011 PORTFOLIOWALK/ Deichtorhallen, Hamburg (G)
2011 TRAUTES HEIM – GLÜCK ALLEIN/Nassauischer Kunstverein, Wiesbaden (G, C)
2011 EMPTY ROOMS/Nizza des Nordens, Mauritius Galerie, Wiesbaden (G, C)
2011 MYSTERION/Bräuning Contemporary, Hamburg (G)
2011 LICHT/Kunstverein Plauen (G)
2010 SILENT POSITION/Art Road Shopping Street Hohoemi Plaza Hokkaido, Japan (G)
2010 AMOS – SHOWTIME/Galerie Neongolden, Wiesbaden (G)
2010 2010. SPUREN IN DIE ZUKUNFT/Schloss Hartmannsberg, Bad Endorf (G)
2010 Ausstellung mit Silke Thoss, Galerie Neongolden, Wiesbaden
2010 VELEDA SANTA LUCIA/Maracaibo, Venezuela (G)
2009 SAMMLUNG SONJA UND REINHOLD MÜLLER/MVB Forum Kunstverein Eisenturm, Mainz (G)
2009 25 JAHRE KUNSTARCHIV: MAIL ART/Kunstarchiv, Darmstadt (G)
2009 AFTER THIS DARKNESS THERE IS ANOTHER/Galerie Greulich, Frankfurt (S)
2008 AFTER THIS DARKNESS THERE IS ANOTHER/Galerie studio_01, Wiesbaden (S)

(S: Solo exhibition, G: Group exhibition, K: Catalog)


Marc Peschke is an art historian and photograph, born 1970 in the Offenbach near Frankfurt. His work of recent years have become more and more detached from the classical styles and means of photographic art. Series like „After This Darkness There Is Another“, „The Dark Cubes“, „Among Animals & Plants“ or „The Cubes – Liquidacion Total“ shall be read as subjective, fragmentary, ambiguous, though deeply poetical diaries. The attitude is surrealistic, anti-photographic and anti-documentary. Peschke: „My art is about re-mystification and codification But then, these are wanderings through my life. I don't stage or re-enact my images. I do not look for motives - they find me.“

His latest series „The Cubes – Liquidacion Total“ - hexagonally shaped diasecs - pick up graphic remains - the communication junk - of our society, and forms them into absurd, cube-like handy goods. The works of this series are much more "artistic wall objects" created from photographs than they are classical photographs in its own right. Formally minimalist-serial, they present a complex and ironic view into the transient nature of today's consumer society.