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02/06 to 15/07/2016

Christoph Wüstenhagen

/ 13
Photographs: Matthias Schwarze

The exhibition title refers to the distinct time frame in which the works have been produced and through which they are closely connected to each other. Traces of one work get attached to and influence another during production in the studio. It also happens that the same piece of machined fabric can become the medium for different paintings or that print-throughs and speckles get onto the materials for the next piece and leave an impression there. A newly discovered technique or possibility might act as a euphoric effect for the production of a series of similar pieces. Groups of works might form that way, originally unplanned and only generated through this open artistic process.

Those close time links let the works not only be mediums of the same artistic expression. It also makes them representations of time. Time in a sense of life period, personal development or some mental constitution. But also of past times, of things experienced, learned and forgotten again. An exhibition as a date influences the character of the works, even determines them. It acts as a calender marker to group and distinguish artificially what has originally been an ongoing continuous flow of production. Through this fixation (of the exhibition) paintings will be presented together and summarized in a time wise context.

The temporality is also a reference to the actual instance of painting. Aesthetic pattern of contemporary painting as well as patterns from applied art and textile printing are considered and used. The works of the exhibition set both into context.

A calendar is a poetic yet merciless instrument to organize human existence. It states what has got to be done and points optimistically into the future. And it saves all that has been done or taken place in life, hence influences any kind of artistic production. In that sense a calendar is a external universal framework constitutional to any artistic work. It is a meta concept, a living compromise one gets used to, a prerequisite of ones own thinking.

Exhibition title photograph: "Trabant 601 de Luxe", Siegfried Wittenburg, 1987 (detail, original edited) / Courtesy: Siegfried Wittenburg,

Opening: 01/06/2016 7:00 pm - Christoph Wüstenhagen is present.

Finissage: 15/07/2016 7:00 pm