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12/01 to 27/01/2017

Kerstin Vornmoor
Lost Places

Katalogpräsentation und Ausstellung

/ 9
Presentation of catalogue and exhibition

Kerstin Vornmoor's art is based on a library of ornaments, axiomatic forms and patterns - typically small drawings - the artist has created over many years. She uses those, reproduces them, puts them over and next to each other hundreds of times to construe and interpret the visual space of her works.

On the occasion of her 2016 solo exhibition Lost Places at the Kunstverein Vechta the Kerber-Verlag has published an exhibition catalogue we present at 12 Jan 2017.

Along with this presentation of the new catalogue we will show paintings and sculptural works of the artist.

The artist will be present.

Opening: 12/01/2017 7:00 pm