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30/05 to 03/07/2014

Melas Eichhorn

/ 12
Hey Till

One more thing about the exhibition. There is, not only for the title, a reference to the art of the Renaissance. That's why I wanted to quote Derek Jarman. His main medium were films, that moved the world. He once said, that being a gay artist he saw so many facets of life and has met so many weird people. One of the persons he got to know had killed 9 people. But he didn't want to tell the name.
Frankie Knuckles was a DJ in the Warehouse, a gay disco in the ghetto of Chicago. There, he made House to what it is today. I dedicate my exhibition to both artists.
My work plays with different media and I think it is closely related to music. I can't really categorize it, and that is an essential point.
This position is very important to me, in particular regarding the exhibition in your gallery. In the new works emerge: references to: 2+3 dimensionality, geometry, self-portrait and line.


Opening: 30/05/2014 7:00 pm - Melas Eichhorn is present.