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09/02 to 24/03/2017

Sarah Schoderer

/ 14
Photographs: Joëlle Pidoux (Nr. 3, 4, 7, 9) & Matthias Schwarze

It is the fusion of painting and sculpture which is distinctive for Sarah Schoderer's latest work. On the one hand she uses vintage paintings as raw material for her sculptural work. The canvases, hardened with epoxy resin, become sculptural works in space, folded or leaned against the wall. The original material is transferred into a new context and expanded by a spacial dimension.

Apart from these sculptural works Schoderer also deals with the genre of sculpture in her paintings. Either in a literal way, as a pictorial representation of sculptural elements or as a profound involvement with colour and questions of composition arising in the context of constructing space in painting. The impastoed paint which is characteristic for Schoderer creates a surface reminiscent of a relief thus implying a spacial character itself. However, in the end the significance of materiality in Schoderer's work is repressed by her motifs and ideas.

Schoderer studied fine arts with Friedemann Hahn in Mainz and Christa Näher at Städelschule in Frankfurt. Her work was exhibited at Kunstverein Heidelberg, Neuer Kunstverein Gießen and Kunsthalle Darmstadt. In 2012 she was awarded with the Charlotte-Prinz-scholarship of the city of Darmstadt, in 2014 with a scholarship of Frankfurter Künstlerhilfe. In 2013 and 2015 her work was shown in the context of several artist-in-residence-scholarships in Croatia, Kenia and Tunis. Her works are among others part of the collection SØR Rusche and the Helaba collection.

Opening: 08/02/2017 7:00 pm - Sarah Schoderer is present.