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21/02 to 22/03/2019

Moritz Haas, Iris Hamers, Emilia Kubacki
Shady Matter

[electronic humming]

Welcome. This is shady matter. Substance of desire and emptiness. Hope for paradise, a hope that dies last. Enticement of illusion although you do not trust it. Is this real love? (This is about life and death) Escape from oneself although it will fail anyway. (secret escapes dot com slash last minute) No Future but a one-way-ticket just to get away from here. Avatars, pathos and epics. 3D. The surface which seduces and never fulfils. Something tempting that stays hidden. Can we trust our eyes?

A space becomes a world the way we see it, which we are longing for, which we forget, from which we arise, which we create, which we cannot escape. Lost in installation, sculpture and moving image.

[anguished humming swells]

Do you feel it, too?

"Surface is an illusion, but so is depth" (Hockney)

The exhibition's installational display deals with desires and illusions, the borders between nature and artificiality, the contrast between escape and protection. A confrontation with new views and imagery stimulates an awareness for the restricted vision of one's own position. Playing with established habits of perception, the exhibition breaks with familiar perspectives by revealing them literally in a different light.

Moritz Haas and Iris Hamers are currently studying at HfBK Hamburg with Anselm Reyle. Emilia Kubacki finished her studies with Reyle in 2018 and lives and works as an artist in Berlin and Hamburg.

Opening: 20/02/2019 7:00 pm - The artists are present.