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04/06 to 31/07/2015

Johanna Hochholzer
Hi Rabbit

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Johanna Hochholzer's paintings deal with the little details, the strange arangements and absurd coincidences of daily life. In her motives, the artist preserves them and prevents them from being overlooked or forgotten. Her point of view is distinctly subjective. The paintings are a very personal perception of a monent rather than an objective representation of reality.

Hochholzer who graduated 2011 as a master student of Leiko Ikemura at Berlin University of Arts works with oil and acrylic, with pencil, crayon and spray paint. Her works are collages of drawings with painterly elements. They remain sketchy, fragmented, associative and form a thoughtful, yet humorous and entertaining archive of memories and coincidences.

Opening: 03/06/2015 7:00 pm - Johanna Hochholzer is present.

Finissage: 31/07/2015 7:00 pm