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10/09 to 21/10/2016

Lambert Maria Wintersberger
Überzeugungstäter - eine Retrospektive

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"I can only rely on my own means, trust, that my colours create something that - first - surprises me and - second - is still true and then, stands against everything else."

This quotation by Lambert Maria Wintersberger accurately describes the essential character of an oeuvre which has committed itself to uncompromising authenticity and originality. In his often mystic-narrative paintings Wintersberger concentrates on the depiction of aspects most impressive to him, thereby constructing timeless settings of elements taken from different cultures and ages emanating from his „fury of association“, as he once put it.

Wintersberger was born in 1941 in Munich. He studied at the city's Academy of Fine Arts as well as in Florence and in Berlin, where he founded, together with Markus Lüpertz, Peter Sorge and others, the producers' gallery Großgörschen 35. Influenced by Pop Art and the political climate in Berlin he developed his early series of injury images which helped him leverage in Germany and the US. In the following years he increasingly turned towards a naturalistic style closer to the depiction of reality. In doing so Wintersberger primarily processes impressions from his extensive journeys which he subordinates to a radically subjective emphasis thus opening a wide space of associations for the viewer.

Lambert Maria Wintersberger's works have been collected by numerous public institutions such as the collection of the Nationalgalerie der Staatlichen Museen Preußischer Kulturbesitz Berlin, the Städel Museum in Frankfurt, the Kunstmuseum Dusseldorf, Sprengel Museum Hanover, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, as well as the Deutsche Bank Collection or the Würth Collection.

Lambert Maria Wintersberger died in 2013 in his adopted home of Walbourg/Alsace. With this retrospective of works belonging to his estate, Bräuning Contemporary presents the very first exhibition of Wintersberger's art in the city of Hamburg.

Opening: 09/09/2016 7:00 pm

Finissage: 21/10/2016 7:00 pm