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05/09 to 24/10/2014

Volker Hermes

/ 9

"Man assesses the things not so much for what they really are,
but for the way he thinks of them, and how they fit into his ideas."

Alexander von Humboldt

In his latest series Volker Hermes deals with questions of perception and understanding of visual arts, with the representation of space in the two-dimensional mediums of painting and drawing, with the folding and unfolding of additional dimensions. The works are based on the aesthetics and traditions of scientific drawings and paintings from the Age of Discovery.

Volker Hermes, who concluded his studies as master student of Dieter Krieg at the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf, is one of the innovative representatives of younger German painting. In his art, conceptual ideas about the structure of a painting and its traditions of representation go along with a nearly unruly joy of painterly depiction for its own sake. The analytically structuring, but gestural and dynamical use of Edding marker on his canvases is a particular characteristic of his paintings. Today, he lives and works in Dusseldorf.

Opening: 05/09/2014 7:00 pm - Volker Hermes is present.

Finissage: 24/10/2014 7:00 pm